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Our Work

What We Do

Community Awareness

Making Health & Wellness Education Accecssible

There are many communities that do not have reasonable access to grocery stores, neighborhood playgrounds, or gymnasiums. As such, it can be incredibly difficult to prioritize any health and wellness initiative to the residents of these communities due to not being able to access or afford produce and healthy food and children are not able to be active due to a limited number of playgrounds in their neighborhoods. As a result, many in these communities do not live or practice a healthy and fit lifestyle such as healthy eating nor are they engaging in any physical sports or recreational activities. Without access to these resources, it is no surprise that many in these communities suffer from childhood obesity, type-2 diabetes, and other preventable health-related concerns can make life much difficult for any individual.

Our goal is to spread our health and wellness initiative to these communities in order to give them the opportunities needed in order to be healthy individuals. 

Community Involvement

Working Out with Community Leaders

We believe it takes a village working together to make a difference. By involving city leaders such as Ron Nirenberg, San Antonio Mayor, as well as members of the San Antonio City Council and Bexar County Sheriff's Office, we are able to increase our impact by bridging the gap between the community and its local leaders. Many of the city leaders we work with will actually work out with the children, and in doing so, these leaders are able to serve as role models and exemplify the important of exercise and physical activity as necessary building blocks for an overall healthy lifestyle. 

Community Outreach

Teach, Encourage, and Promote Health Education In Communities with Limited Resources

Working out with children from all different corners of our local community is only one part of what we do as part of our Forward In Fitness Initiative. What we focus on is promoting ways to increase physical activity that anyone can do on their own time. In addition, we also like to educate our communities with ways to prepare and eat foods that are a healthier alternative to the easily accessible fast-food and other unhealthy meals. 

Coming Up

School Season 2018 - 2019

Dancing with the Minnie Stars:

Will be a fundraising event focused on selected kids that are involved in our programs to compete with each other in the ambience of glamour and dancing. Each pair of participants will undergo training by a professional and expose who they are to the viewers/fans. Judges will be the Mayor, Council-members and other city/state leaders. We aim on boosting children self-esteem that are participating and inspire other students to do what it takes to be on the next season’s competition. The launch will be by spring of 2019.

Civic Leadership Program:

Each school district we serve, will be securing a group of students assign to work together to serve their fellow classmates on resolving current issues their school is facing. Once groups finish their reports, we help schedule private meetings with the Mayor or Council-member of their district to collaborate on resolving issues.

If interested on helping, enrolling your kid(s) or have any other questions; please contact : info@forwardinfitness.org

Our Work

Why We Do It

To Reduce the Growing Rate of Childhood Obesity and Diabetes

To Provide Accessible Health & Wellness Education

To Provide Resources and Education on Healthy Eating Habits