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Who We Are

Forward In Fitness

Forward In Fitness, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was established in 2017 by Karina Villa, CEO. Like the name suggests, Forward In Fitness centers around the goal to promote health and fitness in communities that may not have access to such resources. There are many communities that do not have easily accessible resources such as a grocery store in their own neighborhood - and many of these same communities do not have adequate resources such as gyms and playgrounds that can encourage children and young adults to participate in a healthy and active lifestyle. As a result, medical conditions such as childhood obesity and type-2 diabetes are more prevalent within these areas.

In order to reduce the rates of diabetes and childhood obesity, we believe it all starts by looking in our own backyards. Our local, community-driven efforts to make health and wellness accessible is a necessary cause we believe will help communities thrive and grow. We believe engaging city and community leaders to our fitness workshops in schools will enhance and benefit our efforts by emphasizing community engagement.

Mission Statement

Our Mission for Forward In Fitness is to promote Health and Wellness resources in communities that may not have access to fitness education and health-related activities and support. We believe it is our mission to make healthy living and physical fitness as accessible as possible for all communities, as health and wellness is an essential part of living. A person's zip-code, financial status, or living situation should not dictate whether they can have access to health and wellness resources - we believe everyone should have access and not be disadvantaged on their efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Our Vision

Our Vision for Forward In Fitness is to be able to increase our message of Health and Wellness through every community. We want to not only teach, but inspire young individuals to promote and encourage our health and wellness message in their neighborhoods. We cannot reach everybody, but everybody can reach somebody. 

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