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Forward In Fitness

Forward In Fitness is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization Founded in 2017 by Karina Villa. In order to reduce the rates of diabetes and childhood obesity, we believe it all starts by looking in our own backyards. Our local, community-driven efforts to make health and wellness accessible is a necessary cause we believe will help communities thrive and grow. We believe engaging city and community leaders to our fitness workshops in schools will enhance and benefit our efforts by emphasizing community engagement.

1 in 3

Youths Aged 2-19 are Considered Overweight or Obese

2 out of 3

Don't Get Any Daily Physical Activity

Forward In Fitness

Our Mission

Our Mission for Forward In Fitness is to promote Health and Wellness resources in communities that may not have access to fitness education and health-related activities and support. We believe it is our mission to make healthy living and physical fitness as accessible as possible for all communities, as health and wellness is an essential part of living. A person's zip-code, financial status, or living situation should not dictate whether they can have access to health and wellness resources - we believe everyone should have access and not be disadvantaged on their efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.

According to the World Health Organization, it is Recommended children get At Least 60 Minutes of Physical Activity Everyday

Source: World Health Organization

Staying Physically Active Helps...

Develop Strong Bones & Muscles

Keep Your Lungs & Heart Healthy

Maintain A Healthy Body Weight

Build Healthy Eating Habits

2018 Summer Leadership Program

Our Summer Leadership Program (Each group comes for one week and then reunites at the sixth week... all expense paid program that includes breakfast, lunch and snacks):

Purpose: To enrich the lives of children by providing them a platform of leadership and community involvement. This program aims at cultivating civi -minded leaders who give back to their communities. We hope that through our programs children will not only get and stay healthy, but also compete academically and become recognized leaders and genuine good citizens. 

What our young leaders learn: Community Awareness, Civic Leadership, Ethics, Team-Building, Sportsmanship, Self-Ownership, Government, Advocacy, Technology and Corporate Engagement. 

How to apply: Contact info@forwardinfitness.org with an essay from you child describing why they want this opportunity. 

Summer program will begin the Monday after school lets out for the summer and run consecutively for six weeks. 

"Together, we can give children hope for a healthier future"

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